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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Proto-Alpha
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What is a Proto-Alpha?

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    What is a Proto-Alpha?

  • The Proto-Alpha is a phase of game development where we invite the community to play our prototype game. “Proto” from first or prototype, and “Alpha” from typical software release cycle terminology, meaning early testing. Therefore, for us, it means testing the prototype.
  • Why Proto-Alpha?

  • Our close-knit tester community has proved invaluable in helping us get this far. However, we need more Serrans to play and give feedback. More play styles, more in-game data, and more feedback from our community will help us improve the core gameplay ready for the release of the next game client.
  • What is the aim of the Proto-Alpha?

  • The core focus for the Proto-Alpha is tweaking and improving the gameplay. In this prototype, you will have to expect basic graphics, no animations, and minimal sound effects.
  • Approximately how long will this game be in Proto-Alpha?

  • It’s hard to say. It depends on how much game time there is, game data we collect, bugs that need squashing, feedback given, and other metrics.
  • How will the next release version be different from this Proto-Alpha?

  • The Proto-Alpha is a prototype testing phase centered on improving gameplay, it will have a limited life span. The next release version will eventually become the full finished game and will gradually include special graphics, animations, and a range of sound effects.
Invites & Waves
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When can I play?

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    When can I play?

  • You need to wait to be invited. Invitations are sent out in waves in the order that Serrans enlisted on the website. If you have an account on you have enlisted, you only need to check the Proto-Alpha page to see when you might be invited.
  • How will I be invited?

  • Invitations are sent out in waves. If you are in a wave, you will receive an email from The email will tell you what to do.
    The Proto-Alpha page also tracks the waves and will display when you have been given access to play.
  • How many waves will there be?

  • There isn’t a fixed amount of waves or a regular pattern that they will follow. The waves of invitations will happen depending on capacity, game data, bugs, feedback, and other metrics.
  • How will I know which wave I am in?

  • You won’t know for sure. However, when logged in, on the Proto-Alpha page, we will display how many people have been invited, when previous waves were invited, and how many Serrans were invited in each wave. This may give you a rough idea of a timeframe.
  • Am I guaranteed to get access?

  • No. As this is only testing of the prototype game, we may not need to invite everyone that has signed up on the website. This differs from our planned next release, where everyone will eventually be invited to play.
  • Can I buy something or pay to get access?

  • No, the game will always be free-to-play. Invitations will be sent out based on when you created an account on The earlier you signed up, the sooner you will be invited. The only other way to get access is by completing Bagni’s Quiz Challenge.
  • What is Bagni's Quiz Challenge?

  • A simple 20-question quiz accessed via a link in our Discord server. Ten questions for only the truest card gamers and ten questions for only the most knowledgeable of Serran lore. The first 25 Serrans to get all 20 questions correct will gain access to the Proto-Alpha.
  • Can I attempt the quiz more than once?

  • Yes. You can try as many times as you like. However, you will need to complete a new form each time. You will not be able to edit previous answers after you have submitted your answers.
Access Granted
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How will I know if I have access?

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    How will I know if I have access?

  • There will be two ways of knowing. Firstly, we will send you an email to tell you. The email will also contain information on what to do next. Secondly, you can check the Proto-Alpha page while you are logged in, and it will show that you have access to the prototype. When you have access, you can download the prototype game client from here.
  • Is the prototype safe?

  • It is perfectly safe to download, install, and play. However, depending on your security settings, you may receive a warning about the client when you try to interact with it.
  • How do I install the prototype?

  • Depending on your operating system, the process will be slightly different once you have downloaded it.
    For Mac users, you will need to right-click and select Open. Then click Proceed in the subsequent pop-up menu.
    For Windows users, you will need to double-click, then select More information, and then select Open anyway.
  • How do I join the Proto-Alpha on Discord?

  • If you’re not a member of our server already, you will need to join it. After that, you will need to head to the #🤖p-h-i-l channel and link your Synergy of Serra account to our server. For this, you will need the Discord Verification Code from your account. Simply type /link and enter the code when prompted. If you have linked your account in the past, you do not need the code from your account, you only need to type /link to refresh your roles, and you will gain the Proto-Alpha role.
  • How do I play?

  • You just need to open up the client and play. If you have any questions or get stuck, there will be existing members of the community that have been play-testing previously that will be happy to help if you ask nicely.
  • How do I give feedback?

  • We have a dedicated area in our Discord server where the Proto-Alpha players can leave feedback, give ideas for new cards, and report bugs to the team.
Sharing & Confidentiality
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What is a non-disclosure agreement?

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    What is a non-disclosure agreement?

  • A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a legally binding contract that establishes a confidential relationship. The party or parties agree that sensitive information they may obtain will not be made available to others. An NDA may also be referred to as a confidentiality agreement.
  • Can I stream the prototype game?

  • No. The non-disclosure agreement means that nothing can be shared publicly. If you want to stream Synergy of Serra please get in touch, and we can begin a relationship so that when we are ready to share the game, we are able to support content creators.
  • Can I post images on social media?

  • No. The non-disclosure agreement means that nothing can be shared publicly. We are as excited as you to share the game with the world, but just not yet. We will let you know when it’s okay to share.
  • Can I talk to others about the prototype game?

  • You will be playing the game under a non-disclosure agreement. This means that you cannot share any details publicly and only talk to other Proto-Alpha players about the game. However, we will have a dedicated space for Proto-Alpha players to share ideas, compare strategies, and chat about the game together.