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New Game Genre

New Game Genre

Fast strategic battles

Endless card synergies and combinations, packed into a deep card game. Easy to learn, hard to master!

In-game deck-building

Build a deck with what you are given in-game and beat your opponent in new ways, making every battle unique.

Innovative mechanics

Use your opponent’s cards and merge multiple cards into one powerful synergy.



Equal battlefield

The cards you bring to the table are poured into the middle; both players can use them to build their decks. Can you build the better deck?

Knowledge and skill

Just owning good cards is not enough, as your opponent could use them against you.


Anyone willing to learn, practice, and play can top the leaderboards. Will that be you?



Beat them all

The higher you reach in seasonal leaderboards, the more rewards you can earn.

Exclusive prizes

Many cosmetic items will be limited edition NFTs and only distributed to players like you.

Buy. Sell. Trade.

Blockchain allows for safe peer-to-peer trading, so you can enjoy this trading card game.

Art & Lore

Art & Lore

Love the characters

Every card has a personality; get to know the named characters and take them into battle.

Represent a Faction

Play styles and lore are intertwined; find which you identify with most and win.

Defend your planet

Serra has a deep history and complex society, defend it against a looming threat.


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In game Currency: 'SCRAP'

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