New Game Genre

Fast Strategic Battles

Load Units into the battlefield. Equip them with Attachments and execute Actions to win.

In-game Deckbuilding

Build a deck with what you are given in-game and beat your opponent in new ways, making every battle unique.

Simple and Deep

Simple Mechanics, packed into a deep Card Game. Easy to learn, hard to master.


Among Equals

The cards you bring to the table are poured into the middle, both players can use them to build their decks. On Serra, the more skilled combatant will win, not the richest.

No Pre-Construction

Construct your deck with what you are given in-game. Build the better deck and win!

Grand Tournament

A never-ending, ongoing tournament to find the most skilled champion - The Sage of Serra!


Ranked Game Mode

Climb to the top each season by battling opponents. Receive your share of the prize pool and other rewards according to your rank.

Buy. Sell. Trade.

Your cards and cosmetics are truly owned by you, through the newest FT/NFT blockchain standards (ERC-1155).

Sharing the Benefits

Utilize the awesome cards your opponent brings to the table, and upgrade your cards by letting others play them.

Players Shape Serra


Become a skilled craftsman by crafting Cosmetics for yourself, friends, or sell them to the highest bidder. You decide.

Minting Devices

Get exclusive rights to mint unique types of Cosmetics. How will you make use of your power?

Protect Serra

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