Crate Unlocking Event

The Transcendent Crate Unlocking Event will establish fair crate opening conditions for every Serran.

If you want to take part, you can find more information here.

Unlocking is finished
Crates unlocked

Deposited Crates

Total Deposit:-
StatusQueue No.Draw No.WalletMinted Cards

Distribution Percentages

Painted Metal

This table is live and will change as more cards are discovered.

Event Phases

Phase 0|The Countdown
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The countdown starts

  • A countdown timer will start so all Serrans can get ready to participate in the Crate Unlocking Event.
  • There is no need for Serrans to do anything, but we recommend;
    • informing yourself about the Crate Unlocking Event in more detail here, and
    • if you don’t have crates but want to get involved, buying Transcendent Set crates from other Serrans here.
  • When the countdown finishes we move to Phase 1 | The Collection.
Phase 1|The Collection
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Get ready to deposit your crates

  • Serrans will be able to deposit Transcendent Set crates for two weeks, indicated by a new countdown timer.
  • When Serrans deposit crates, these crates will join a queue in the order of their randomly generated Challenge Numbers.
  • When the countdown finishes we move to Phase 2 | The Unlocking.
Phase 2|The Unlocking
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Get ready to unlock your crates

  • When this phase begins, the Council of the Six will start to unlock the crates in order.
    Important: you will be opening your unlocked crates, not us.
  • We will host an Event (AMA & watching party) live in our Discord
  • The mint numbers of new cards will be assigned when the crates are unlocked, not when they are opened, so there is no need to rush to open your crates. Come and join our party!
  • When all deposited crates are unlocked we move to Phase 3 | The Celebration.
Phase 3|The Celebration
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Crate unlocking is now complete

  • When the queue is empty, all unlocked crates will be ready to be opened by Serrans, and any other crate can be opened immediately without having to join the queue.
  • There will be information and statistics about the event on this page

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
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How do I take part in the Crate Unlocking Event?

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    How do I take part in the Crate Unlocking Event?

  • You need at least one Transcendent Set crate to be able to take part. If you don’t have any Transcendent Set crates you can buy them from other Serrans on OpenSea.
  • When will I know when each phase is starting?

  • There will be a countdown on the main page of
  • Which crates can I unlock?

  • This is the Transcendent Crate Unlocking Event, you can only unlock Transcendent Set crates. We will hold a Crate Unlocking Event for the Base Set crates in the future.
  • Why have a Crate Unlocking Event?

  • The Crate Unlocking Event establishes fairer opening conditions. So nobody has an advantage due to timezone, use of special tools, or technology.
About Queue Positions
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What is the Challenge Number?

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    What is the Challenge Number?

  • It is the randomly generated number that will decide a crate’s place in the queue. The lower the challenge number, the earlier in the queue that crate will be.
  • What is the Draw Number?

  • It is a shorter version of the Challenge Number to make it easier to display in the queue.
  • What is the Queue Number?

  • The crate with the lowest Challenge Number will have the lowest Queue Number. The lower the Queue Number, the sooner it can be opened.
  • Why do these numbers matter?

  • A lower Challenge Number means a lower Queue Number which means that your crate will be unlocked earlier than others. This will give you a better chance of low mint numbers, including being the first to ever receive a certain card.
  • Will any of these numbers be used after the Crate Unlocking Event?

  • No. Once the event ends these numbers will no longer be significant.
  • How do I know the numbers are actually random and not manipulated somehow?

  • All our randomness is generated on-chain by our smart contracts using formulas. This makes it provable, transparent, and open for anyone to interrogate. Each crate is assigned a randomly-generated Challenge Number via the smart contracts. This number determines when the crate is unlocked.
  • Where is the smart contract?

  • You can find the Crate Unlocking Event smart contract here on Polygonscan. All our smart contracts are viewable on Polygonscan.
About Crates
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What happens if I don't deposit crates?

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    What happens if I don't deposit crates?

  • Nothing. There is no need to join the Crate Unlocking Event if you do not want to. Your crates will be safe, they will not be destroyed or lost. In fact, it could be beneficial to not join the Crate Unlocking Event.
  • Can I withdraw or trade a crate I have deposited to the Crate Unlocking Event?

  • No. Once you deposit a crate for the Crate Unlocking Event it cannot ever be withdrawn or traded, including when it is unlocked but not opened.
  • What happens if I don't open my unlocked crates?

  • You will be able to open them at any time at a later point.
  • What happens to my crate when it is unlocked?

  • Your crate must be destroyed to reveal the cards it contains.
  • Do I have an advantage if I open a crate immediately after it is unlocked?

  • No. When you open your crate will have no impact on what cards or mint numbers you receive.
  • What if I don’t deposit a crate?

  • After the event is over you will be able to open your crates whenever you want to.
  • Where can I get crates to be able to participate in the Event?

  • You can buy them from other Serrans on OpenSea or via the #🤝trading channel in our Discord server.
About Cards
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When will I know what cards I have?

    When will I know what cards I have?

  • The cards in your crate and their mint numbers will be created as soon as your crate is unlocked. All this information is stored on the blockchain and available for anyone to see. You’ll also be able to see all the cards in the queue table on the Events page above. However, you will see your cards in your inventory when you open your crates.
About Mint Numbers
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What are mint numbers?

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    What are mint numbers?

  • Mint numbers are unique serial numbers often given to collectible items, physical or digital, when created (or minted). All of our cards will have mint numbers. A card in Synergy of Serra will receive a mint number depending on how many cards of the same name and Quality already exist at the time. For example, the first Painted Metal Bagni created will be given the mint number #0, the second one #1, the third #2, and so on. Just as the first Gold Bagni will be given the mint number #0, and so on.
  • Why are mint numbers important?

  • To some people, they are important due to cosmetic, collectible, cultural, or personal reasons. For others, they have no meaning.
  • When are mint numbers decided?

  • The cards’ mint numbers are decided when the crate is unlocked.