Strive for the Supremacy of Serra

On an alien planet...

...called Serra. Threatened by a dark force. Join the Bisai and become the greatest strategist on Serra. In this all new Trading Card Game based on Blockchain Technology. Your troops are waiting for You!

New Game Genre

Experience a glorious mash-up of traditional Trading Card Game style battles with in-game deckbuilding mechanics. Combining thrilling matches with fair strategic gameplay in a Battle Royale tournament for Your glory.

Real Rewards in Ranked

Your effort put into a game should be rewarded with real value - so this one does. Strive to become top ranked each season and get Your respective share of the price pool. Ranks depend entirely on Your skill, no pay-to-win mechanics here.

Blueprint Crafting

Become an artisan and craft unique Blueprints for cosmetics and skins. Use them Yourself or develop Your skill as a merchant and sell them to others. Only You are in control of the quality, quantity, pricing, and who to sell to. Forever - because blockchain.

Why Blockchain?

Enjoy cheat-proof ranked and tournament style games with safeguards for fairness and Your rewards. Grow by collecting, sharing, and selling Your provably rare items for real value - for ever.

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