Strive for the Supremacy of Serra

On an alien planet...

...called Serra. Threatened by a dark force. Join the grant Tournament and become the greatest strategist on Serra. In this all new Trading Card Game empowered by Blockchain-Technology. Your troops are waiting for You!

New Game Genre

Experience a glorious mash-up of traditional, strategic Trading Card Game battles and in-game Deckbuilding Game mechanics. Combining thrilling matches with fair strategic gameplay. Every battle will be unique. Simple to learn but hard to master.

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On Serra, only the most skilled will survive in this Battle Royale Card Game, not the richest. Pay-to-win has become a plague, especially in competitive Card Games. Let's cure this plague.

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Games should not waste your time. Your efforts should be rewarded not only by entertaining you but also with real value. On Serra, the higher your skill, the bigger your rewards. Earn while playing for free.

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Players Shape Serra

Take part in shaping Serra. Craft Cosmetics from Blueprints, or pick up powers normally reserved for developers with unique Minting Devices.

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Why Blockchain?

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We are Calystral...

...we believe that games are more than just entertainment that preys on you. Games can enrich and add value to your time in a fair and trust-less way. Gamers can be empowered by games.